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CSR-expertise: BV Green Line of services & solutions dedicated to Sustainability

Bureau Veritas is a “Business to Business to Society” services company. Our mission is to shape trust between businesses, public authorities and consumers.

Bureau Veritas support 400,000 clients worldwide within audits and certification services, to be more efficient, more methodical and more trustworthy in order to contribute to a more sustainable world. 

Sustainability is embedded into our strategy, our entire organization, and across all our businesses

With our expertise, we serve our clients to meet the challenges of safety, the environment, social responsibility and product or service quality all along the chain. We support our clients in their selection of resources and during production. We offer expertise at every point in the supply chain, from raw materials sourcing to product use. Bureau Veritas is there for Buildings & Infrastructure clients during construction and refurbishment work. And we’re playing a vital support role in the field of New Mobility. Bureau Veritas strives to accompany all clients in delivering their sustainability strategy, and meet the expectations of their employees and stakeholders.

Aware of the ecological, energy and digital transitions that we are going through. We provide our customers with a line of services and solutions dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), called the Green Line. We empower organizations - both private and public - to implement, measure and achieve their sustainability objectives. 

With our contribution, our clients can measurably demonstrate the impact of their ESG actions by making them traceable, visible and reliable. By bringing transparency, we provide the tools to protect clients’ brands and reputations.


BV Green Line Model, Bureau Veritas
  • Resources & Production

    Across all activity sectors, Bureau Veritas supports organizations in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

    At Bureau Veritas, we acknowledge the importance of responsible usage of the planet's natural resources. Our experts help organizations overcome related challenges and promote sustainable resource use.

    We are a key player in the energy transition, present at key stages of the renewable and alternative energy production chain. We support our clients to sustainably design, build and operate their assets.

    - Onshore & offshore wind lifecycle solutions
    - Solar power from project development to asset management
    - Power grid stability & renewables integration
    - Power-to-X, hydrogen and biofuels assurance

    - Agribusiness harvest monitoring
    - Precision farming
    - Responsible fishing
    - Forest certification
    - Maritime pollution prevention 

    - Carbon footprint monitoring
    - Energy-saving verification
    - Industrial environmental control 
    - Testing and emissions control

  • Consumption & Traceability

    Present in all activity sectors, Bureau Veritas has expertise in all phases of the value chain. We support companies in their objective to ensure responsible and fair sourcing, and to guarantee product traceability from point of origination through consumption.

    We are committed to a more responsible economic model, and utilize various services and solutions to promote to our clients the implementation of circular economy models.

    - Risk assessment methodology based on field audits results
    - Customized “risk index” development
    - Delivery of a single digital repository
    - ESG supply chain audits

    - Product component testing 
    - Organic certification

    - Circular economy verifications

  • Buildings & Infrastructure

    Bureau Veritas is present at every stage, from feasibility to operations. We offer inspection and certification services for new and ageing assets, and we support the transition to low-energy consumption.

    Our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of local regulations help clients design, develop, and manage cities and infrastructure. We contribute to the development of sustainable and smart cities, while enabling significant extension of existing buildings’ and infrastructures’ lifespans through refurbishment.

    - Green building certification
    - Project management for infrastructure improvement
    - Infrastructure life-cycle asset management

  • New Mobility

    A mix of technologies, alternative fuels and energy sources is steadily reducing the industry’s environmental footprint. By collaborating with industry players and capitalizing on its expertise in new mobility, Bureau Veritas is helping the industry set the course for a new era of sustainable development.

    For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Bureau Veritas developed a complete portfolio of services, covering the full lifecycle – from design, construction and commissioning to operations.

    - Project management assistance for charging stations under construction 
    - Inspection services for charging stations in operations

    - LNG expertise and project support for reducing risk from design to operations 
    - Engineering services supporting improved performance and sustainability
    - Cyber security and safety solutions for the marine & offshore sectors
    - Development and implementation of new rules for new fuels

  • Social, ethics & governance

    Bureau Veritas plays an increasing role as an impartial and independent third party in the chain of actions toward making our economy transparent and more responsible for our planet and its inhabitants.

    We help clients mitigate risk and improve performance in terms of health, safety and security. We have developed a full range of solutions to assess Diversity & Inclusion policy and measure KPIs in the field. We also support clients in achieving stronger governance with dedicated services related to Ethics and Integrity.

    - Social audits
    - Health, safety, hygiene and inclusion protocol audits

    - Policy monitoring
    - Management systems improvement
    - Reporting verification

    - Human rights assessment
    - Supplier assessment
    - Anti-bribery certification
    - Data privacy and cybersecurity certification

Thanks to our Green Line, we allow our customers to strengthen their credibility and the transparency of their CSR policy.