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ISO 22000 certification

Become certified by ISO 22000 Food Safety


Demands for food security are growing. Consumers and authorities are increasingly demanding that the foods we all eat must be of high quality and of high safety. If problems occur, the source of the error must be quickly found and rectified. The requirements are primarily aimed at retail, but from there they spread throughout the food chain to the processing industry, primary producers and transporters.

The benefits of an ISO 22000 certification

  • Common standard that can be used across industries and across borders
  • A standard that, with a focus on communication and management responsibilities, means maximum security at minimal system costs
  • Through a common terminology, communication is made both internally between the company's departments and externally to customers and suppliers, and error risks are minimized.
  • With the standard's global outlook and industry flexibility, the potential for effective food security across the food chain increases

ISO 22000 certification training

We provide relevant ISO 22000 training courses for implementing and maintaining an ISO 22000 Food Safety management system. Find the training courses below.


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