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In spite of the best intentions, circumstances may arise that give you a reason complain - in writing or orally. Bureau Veritas Certification and Bureau Veritas Industry consider a timely and impartial complaint handling procedure as a fundamental part of the trusting relationship with our customers and as an invaluable help in continuing to improve our operations at all levels. Complaints may concern certification activities for which we are responsible, a certified customer, or inspections done by Bureau Veritas Industry.

A complaint can be made in writing or done orally to any employee of Bureau Veritas Certification or Bureau Veritas Industry, and we will return shortly with a reasoned response. Our internal rules ensure that the decision taken is reviewed and approved by a person who have not previously been involved in the subject of the complaint. If, exceptionally, the matter cannot be investigated within a reasonable time, a project will be set up to manage the process and the complainant will be informed of the schedule and status of the project until the end. If you want to complain, do not hesitate to send us an email.


The persons who process and make decisions in appeal proceedings may not be the same as those who have audited and made decisions based on exactly this. Appeals must not lead to discrimination by the appellant.

The appellant must be notified of the receiving of the appeal, the progress of the case and the outcome at the end. Furthermore, the appellant must receive a complaint guide, which must include information regarding decisions made by Bureau Veritas within in the authorized areas. Better Housing and RE facilities can be appealed to the Danish Safety Agency within a period of 4 weeks from the time the decision is received.

The decision communicated to the appellant must be made and approved by one or more persons who have not previously been involved in the subject matter of the appeal.

We have no appeal at this point in our decisions. In case of appeal, the form above must be used.

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