Bureau Veritas in Norway

Bureau Veritas in Norway: An organization driven by professionalism


Bureau Veritas is one of the world’s largest companies within inspection, classification, consulting, certification and testing for fish farming, sea farming and aquaculture. Our core competencies are quality, environment, work environment, safety and social responsibility, where we help to maintain and develop their brands, values and business.

Employees 30
Location in Norway 6
Innovative since 1828


Since 1828, Bureau Veritas has been a part of the maritime and offshore industry. A few years later, more than 10,000 ships were registered in our ship register, and we had established offices in all major ports in the world. Today we are one of the largest global actors with offices in 140 countries, where we offer a wide range of services.

We offer: Classification and inspection of ships, approval of maritime and offshore equipment, Design review and plan approval services, oil and gas services and training courses.

We help ship owners, shipbuilders, shipyards, equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, brokers and flag states to ensure compliance with the international rules and regulations regarding quality, safety, environment and work environment.


We are a separate part of Bureau Veritas Group and certify in quality, environment, work environment, food safety and social responsibility.

An independent certification by Bureau Veritas will ensure that your company’s efforts are documented and acknowledged throughout the world.

Our certification services in Norway are managed by Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark A/S in a Nordic perspective. Bureau Veritas is a leading company when it comes to testing, inspection and certification globally.  We want to grow and to supply certification services to all relevant industries in Norway.   

Seafood is our main Norwegian target industry – both certification of primary production in aquaculture and fisheries, and the seafood value chain to the international marketplace.  We follow and assist our customers anywhere around the world.

At the same time we enter new business areas preferably with a strong connection to industries where we already are among the marked leaders.

Our seafood auditors in Norway are the core of our Nordic seafood team and we are always looking for experienced auditor colleagues to join us. Get in touch today if you are interested in what we can offer you and what we can achieve together


Bureau Veritas HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) is Scandinavia’s leading consulting company within chemistry, dangerous goods and safety advice. Within HSE, nothing is left to chance and the company’s interaction with customers and consumers is at our center. Handling of chemistry and dangerous goods is supported by user-friendly IT-tools and current issues are solved smoothly and appropriately. With the most competent and experienced advisors on the market, we fulfill your requirements according to business understanding and development of valuable solutions.

At Bureau Veritas HSE, we keep you updated with the latest harmonization and changes to laws, rules and conventions. This makes it possible for you to concentrate on the most important thing – to drive and develop your business.

We optimize your entire process chain’s handling of chemistry and dangerous goods in relation to legislation, regulatory- and customer requirements. We have organized this in four areas of competence:

  • HSE Consultancy – competent consultants who make targeted HSE solutions that address your needs
  • HSE Academy – our comprehensive course department that educates your employees
  • HSE Software – development of unique IT-tools for documentation of chemistry and dangerous goods
  • HSE Equipment – the practical equipment prescribed by laws, rules and conventions
  • Contact us for Marine services

    Oslo office - Marine services (headquarter for Norway)
    Grev Wedels plass 5
    0151 Oslo, Norway
    Tel: +47 22 40 24 00
    Fax: +47 22 40 24 01
    Mail: NOR_NS@bureauveritas.com

  • Contact us for certification services

    Head office
    Tel.: +45 77 31 10 00

    Mail: nordicfishplanning@bureauveritas.com