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Marine services

As a classification society, Bureau Veritas assesses ships for conformity with specific sets of rules, mainly determining structural soundness and reliability of machinery on-board. We also provide ship and marine equipment certification on behalf of Flag administrations. Additional services based on our expertise include consultancy, technical assistance and training. Through these activities, we contribute to global maritime safety and help protect the marine environment.

Services for ships in operation

Based on our experience, Bureau Veritas provides a wide range of services for ships in operation. The most important are: 

  • Classification and Statutory surveys to ascertain that the conditions of the ship remain in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations at the time of the survey, 

  • Classification after construction, when shipowners decide to transfer the classification of  existing ships to Bureau Veritas, 

  • Issuance of the Register of Ships, either for seagoing ships and for inland navigation vessels, 

  • Issuance of different types of attestations, for insurance, sales, vetting, etc. 

  • ISM Certification, both for ships and shipowners in accordance with the International Safety Management Code, 

  • ISPS Certification, in accordance with the International Ship and Port facility Security Code, 

  • Damage & repair control centre – identifying and minimising risks through experience feedback 

  • MLC, 2006 Inspection & Certification, in accordance with the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 

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Certification of materials & equipment

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Plan approval & new constructions

When the classification of a ship or an offshore unit is requested before its construction, Bureau Veritas provides the following services: 

  • Advice during the early design stage 

  • Publication of Rules and Regulations 

  • Design review, approval of plans and documentation

  • Certification of materials and components, appraisal of the design of materials and equipment used in the construction of the ship, including inspections at works, when required

  • Surveys during constructions at shipyards

  • Attendance at tests and trials

  • Certificates

  • Assistance while the vessel is in service, for example with damage cases or conversions 

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