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PED Pressure Equipment Directive

Manufacturer or importer of pressure equipment

If your company manufactures or imports pressure equipment, including boilers, safety valves, heat exchangers, pressure vessels or pipe systems, and also exposes the equipment to more than 0.5 bar, the EU requires your company to have a permission to produce according to PED.

The aim of the PED Directive is to ensure that pressure equipment moving within the EU meets the applicable safety requirements.

PED products must be approved by a notified organization. Bureau Veritas is a ‘Notified Body’ ready to help your business with those products falling under the PED Directive. With an approval to produce after PED, your company demonstrates that it delivers high quality safe products and that you are competitive within Europe. If your company wants to sell its products to European customers, then the access key is a PED approval.

If the equipment meets the requirements of the directive, the company obtains the approval. With Bureau Veritas as a ‘Notified Body’, you get a partner who works closely with each company to ensure that a satisfactory and long-term solution is delivered every time.

With 500 inspectors, including 65 approved for the approval of pressure equipment in the nuclear field, Bureau Veritas has a competent team of inspectors within PED.

The benefits of a PED approval

  • Quality stamp of your company's products
  • Focus on safety
  • Access to the European market


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