Our values

Our values

Our values are fixed and absolute. They focus on integrity and ethics, compliance and validation, respect for all individuals as well as social and environmental responsibility. They reinforce our unity and ensure the reality of our strategy of profitable growth.

The work with our values is controlled by the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA). The purpose with this agency is to develop a compliance program applicable to all IFIA-members. The aim of the program is to create a certain level of professionalism by an IFIA-member doing the following: Meets the minimum requirements for professional relationships through his or her organization, ensures ethical behavior and ensures integrity by his or her service actions.

As a member of the IFIA, we are committed to developing and implementing a compliance program covering our entire organization. The principles and rules of this program are covered by the current “Code of Ethics”, which reflects the requirements of all IFIA compliance codes.

All employees, managers and directors are responsible for making it a vital part of our processes in business and future success.

Integrity and ethics

  • We act in good faith with honesty and justice
  • We keep our promises
  • We provide our service based on clearly defined contracts and tasks
  • We comply with the company’s policies and procedures
  • We respect confidentiality of information from companies and people
  • We respect local and international ethical and professional norms and standards
  • We provide the necessary information, instruction and training in order to ensure health and safety
  • We strive to comply with our responsibilities according to health and security at the workplace

Respect for all individuals

  • We take account of others as they deserve
  • We always consider, how our actions will affect other people
  • Our individual actions are acknowledged and appreciated, and we receive accurate and continuous feedback on our efforts
  • We respect differences, concern about each other and do not discriminate because of religion or political beliefs
  • We prepare drafts of reports which are accurate records in line with our best practice

Social and environmental responsibility

The commitment and engagement in social responsibility grow in our company, which creates new challenges in combining profitability with responsibility. The awareness of the existence of these risks creates new demands and new activities at Bureau Veritas, which affects the organization as well as the management. Bureau Veritas and all our employees consider the impacts our actions have on the society, people and the environment.

We value involvement in our activities. Through control with our auditor’s activities, we assure that auditors cannot schedule activities that have private or organizational relations.

These records are handled by the planning function to make sure that we do not send out auditors to tasks, where conflicts of interests can arise.

All employees are required to report potential conflicts of interests into our system. The management review all the reports and all individuals involved will be notified. Independence System is available to all of our auditors and works as a part of the review process in the management.